How I won TADHack – Number Mapping with Restcomm Visual Designer

This post first appeared on the Blog of TeleStax. Following Alan’s work and the TADSummit/TADHack in 2014 I have been fascinated: He managed to get a crowd together »

Rich Communication Conference - a few Notes and Thoughts

Yes, I have attended the Rich Communication conference - one of the few places where a mention to "work with Joyn" won't immediately result in being laughed at, frowned upon »

What is WebRTC for Telco's?

Today the blog of the Upperside WebRTC Conference Expo published a post from me titled "What is WebRTC for Telcos?" I am going to present on the conference in Paris »

I read: "Telephony" beats your new, cool, useful, specialized, fun-to-use service in real conditions

I have stumbled across a blog from Nokia Solutions and Networks Labs today. It compares VoLTE with OTT, and concludes: "Operator VoLTE beats OTT VoIP in real conditions" Interesting figures »

First post - because even 2k characters aren't always enough

Why now? I have set up this blog for quite a while, because I could learn so much from very smart people sharing their thoughts on the Internet. I thought »